For those of you who read my last blog, this is Part II of that story...

That 90 year old woman and her family had stayed with us two years in a row. Yep, there were two years worth of guests that she inflicted her pain on! Last year they arrived having just bought a 4-family home that they were going to fix up. This year when they checked in they informed me that they were still working on it and that they were making it a big one-family home. Ok.....

Fast forward to Day Two of their stay... That morning they walked in asking me what do my cleaning girls use in the rooms? "It was sooo clean.... It smelled sooo fresh...." Ok.... They acted so sweet and complimentary.... A good act!...

Fast forward to the Morning Of Checkout... After they left breakfast (after being oh so friendly to me and George), they went directly over to our cleaning girls. "Do you have any business cards? We are opening up an inn next summer..." Wait, wait, WHAT???? The HOUSE that they are renovating is going to be an inn in the area?? AND they tried to STEAL my cleaning staff. I love my cleaning girls! Do Not mess with them!!

The last words this family said to me when they checked out - "See you next year." I think not! Between grandma and the attempted stealing of my cleaning staff, I can pretty much guarantee you that I will not be seeing them next year. Turns out they don't plan to live at their inn. While living in NYC, they will hire someone to run their inn and there won't be enough room for them to actually stay there when they come up. So they'll need someplace to stay. Not here! Not again! Not ever! At least 2011 Columbus Day Weekend guests can now be assured of a Eunice-free weekend!

A nasty guest I can deal with. A backstabbing lying guest.... that's a whole different story!
6 Responses

  1. Alice Says:

    Evidently you can block them from making an "online reservation".... cool.

  2. Mtlodge1 Says:

    OK - at the risk of offending anyone else who might have the same name - you should have known as soon as you saw the name Eunice - what's up Ms Innkeeper? Am I gonna have to move up and take over the reservation desk? Remember, there's no crying in baseball and no Eunice's at the Inn. But the "Angels" will be arriving next Friday so get the glutin ready for the waffles.
    Can't wait to see you - should I bring my kite or a snow shovel?
    Love to all (except Eunice)
    Marcia (a/k/a Maaaaaaaaasha)

  3. Oh Marsha, All names have been changed to protect the innocent! Well, actually that doesn't really apply here. There wasn't a whole lot of innocence in my story. But anyway.... Don't pick on all Eunices. And wait, were you coming NEXT week?? Can't wait to see you too. And the way this weather is going, bring a kite in the shape of a shovel. It's supposed to be breezy with flurries on Friday.

  4. Jean Says:

    The unbelievable gall and nerve of some people. This is outrageous!!!