The Meadowlark Blockbuster Video Rental Store!

Last night, around 8 pm, we were just hanging out in the lobby with several of our guests and our door opened. In walked a man, around 60 years of age, thin, dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt, a baseball cap on his longish gray hair sporting a long graying beard. George turns to him and says "Can I help you?" "Well, I just wanted to come in and see your lobby and see if I can borrow a few movies." We heard a lot of weird requests in the past ten years, but this was a first.

"Um, do you live around here? We don't really lend our movies out." "No, I am staying at the motel across the street." Wait! What?? "I am doing work for them and while I am there working, I am staying at their motel." Ok, this made it a little bit better. It wasn't just one of their guests wandering over here asking for movies. But how did he even know we had movies in our lobby??

"Well, I guess you can borrow some if you promise to bring them back," George said. "Can I get your name and address?" "I don't have an address. I am currently living at the motel across the street. I am just traveling around looking for work." So with just a name and a pinky swear, he was off to pick and choose which flicks he would like to bring back to his room. But did they even have DVD players in their rooms? I didn't think so. Did he carry around his own portable DVD? Who knows.

Odder was his selection of movies that he brought over to the front desk... Crossroads starring Ralph Machio, Dirty Dancing and Mama Mia. Not a new release in the bunch! So as his job progresses, we will see if our new friend is a daily visitor or just a one time video "rental" customer.

3 Responses
  1. Jean Says:

    Hysterical Tina. He better bring back Dirty Dancing. One of my fsvorites!

  2. Valarie Says:

    Jean beat me to it. DD better be back in three weeks! Oh I hope we encounter something fun like this while we're there. ;)

  3. My husband Harry and I were visiting you on the weekend of Oct 3rd , for our daughters wedding . Christopher Lake and Anna Tittl became a husband and wife on Saturday Oct. 4th . We have to tell you and George that our stay there was just GREAT !! We loved talking to you guys and love all the cool stuff you have all around your place . Of course Harry was impressed with the pavilion since he was a mason for all his life . We will be sure to stay there next time we are up that way . Oh yeah ~ that breakfast was so good , you two have any 5 star hotel beat with your hospitality . I will bring you an owl up next time !