No Room At The Inn!

This past weekend was The Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. It is the mother of all weekends up here. I heard that just under 100,000 people converged on Cooperstown. Every hotel, motel, inn and B&B for miles is booked months in advance. You could set up a tent on your lawn and rent it no problem if you wanted to. I'm surprised George hasn't started doing this. "Meadowlark T&B, Tent & Breakfast." I know several people that actually leave their homes for four days and rent them out. Front lawns become paid parking lots. And when the inductees are popular, the weekend can be that much worse, I mean..... exciting.

Induction is a great weekend for us, as most of our guests are returning year after year. They are even getting to know each other and some correspond throughout the year. Because of the influx of people into the area, I make sure I put out the "No Vacancy" sign to discourage people from coming in with the hopes that we may have an open room.

It was Saturday night and a car pulled up. I heard someone (standing directly in front of the NO VACANCY sign) yelling to one of our guests "Is there a room available?" "No, I don't think so, but you can check at the front desk." Door opens. "Do you have a room?" "No, I'm sorry we are booked." "I just drove all the way here from Connecticut. This is BS (I used initials, he didn't). We passed a few motels and they were booked too." "Well it is Induction Weekend. The busiest weekend of the year. Did you know that?" "Of course I know that! That's why I'm here!" "Well let me make a few phone calls and see if I can find you a place. Maybe someone has a cancellation." After several phone calls, I said, "No, I'm sorry, there is nothing out there."

That is when he flipped out. As if we took Words With Friends away from Alec Baldwin, "No room at the inn!! There's no room at the inn!! Why do you people even live here?? Where is the Dunkin Donuts?? How can you live without a Dunkin Donuts? There is nothing up here! I haven't seen anything but hills and mountains for miles." Ironically, what we love most about the area, this guy found to be appalling.

Trying to calm him down, George said, "Let me make another phone call." Why George, Why?? Why are you trying to help this guy?? He's just yelling at us. Like it's our fault he drove four hours on the busiest weekend of the year without a reservation. We told him Cooperstown was just 11 miles south of us if he wanted to go check it out. "I don't care. I don't even want to see it! I want to get the heck out of this area and go home. I don't know why people say this area is nice! Some people say they don't like Florida, but I love Florida!" OMG, just leave already!! Why are we talking about Florida now??? He stormed out and got into his car to his waiting girlfriend. And yup, they drove out of our driveway and went the opposite way of Cooperstown. Home. And literally left two innkeepers standing like deer in a headlight, mouths open!

And with that, I am sure he was his own hero! "Come on honey, I'm taking you home to civilization, to the flat lands of Dunkin Donuts and multiple hotel vacancies."

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  1. Valarie Says:

    Oh Tina, I've missed your Meadowlark Inn stories, but so worth the wait!!! I'm dumbfound to no end at some of the people that show up at 5759 U.S. 20, East Springfield (are they human?) -- Have you ever thought about paying these people for providing you with such good stories? LOL

    I could use a little retreat at the inn right about now ;)

  2. Valarie, come on down! We miss you guys! and Hank :)! Well, it's been too good of a summer, lol. No stories, no bad guests. What the heck. It's funny when I start wishing for that one bad guest so I could write again. Ahh, and here he was, and he wasn't even staying here.

  3. Renee Dugan Says:

    OMG! How funny! I love your stories! Keep writing! :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You were the friendliest people me meet on our NY adventure. Although we didn't stay at you Inn, our folks did (remember the lady with the funny Australian accent?). You have inspired dreams of moving to upstate NY.

  5. Hi Sean & Sarah, It was great meeting you and your parents! You were all so nice. I am glad we have inspired you. If you decide to move upstate, we will be happy to call you neighbors! Good luck.