I'll Find Something Wrong With This Place, Dammit!

Some people have this overwhelming need to complain about something. If there is nothing to complain about, they will find something! One couple stayed with us this week that seemed to be digging for something. Anything!

When they came in for breakfast, there was a table that was empty. A table for two. They immediately asked me, "Where are we supposed to sit?" Well how about this table here? You know, the empty table that you are standing right next to?? "Oh, ok. But this table has no silverware on it." Well the silverware is right next to the dishes. Help yourself to everything, and let us know if you want any waffles. They both ordered waffles. One with cinnamon and strawberries, no powdered sugar, sugar free syrup, the other was chocolate chips and powdered sugar, regular syrup. I felt as though they were trying to confuse me, so I would slip up and whalla, they'd have their complaint! But no, I was determined to get things right!

This particular couple was always looking around. Almost seeming to look for something that they could find that was wrong. But they found nothing. Which seemed very frustrating for them.

They were here for two days and upon check out they finally found something that they just had to complain about. "It was all very nice here, but I do have one complaint. You have a sign in the bathroom to conserve energy and water we should hang our towels up or put them on the floor if we want them replaced. But you only have two hooks on the wall. You should really think of installing more hooks if you'd like us to conserve energy." Well, we do have those two on the wall and another behind the door and another one next to the mirror. So that makes four hooks (for your TWO towels). But even telling him there were four hooks in the bathroom wasn't good enough. "I think you should really consider adding more hooks. It just doesn't seem to be enough."

As I stood there with my deer in the headlights look on my face, George jumped in, "Oh, ok, thank you so much for the suggestion. We will look into installing more hooks," he said with a smile forced upon his face. He's always so much better at these things than me. I think he was afraid that I might have continued asking, Why is four hooks not enough? What are you hanging in there? Your laundry? And how about the towel bar that the bath mat is hung on? That's like another long hook and how about the whole shower curtain rod, I bet three towels can go across that whole rod. 

As he walked out the door, George and I just looked at each other, shaking our heads. He dug and he dug and he found something he needed to tell us about. I am sure he was very pleased with himself. I'm sure at some point these words were spoken on the car ride home, "It was nice, but they needed more hooks." And with that, I'm sure they grinned, nodded their heads in unison... Their job was done.

6 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    We'll iv'e been in your bathrooms and you do need more hooks.

  2. Lol! I just came out of Room 1. I noticed that on the back of the bathroom door, there is not one but two hooks for towels. So that now makes a total of 5 hooks. Two on the wall, one next to the mirror and two on the back of the door. Now along with the actual "towel rack" that the bath mat is hanging on (which you can also hang a towel on), why would anyone need more than SIX places to hang their towels?? The people that are currently in Room 1 have hanging: two towels, their bath mat, a shirt, a robe and a shower cap (each on their own hook). Why is this not enough??

  3. Ok disregard that last post. Just found out that it was my brother in law (who just happens to be the competition)! Thanks Joey!

  4. Renee Dugan Says:

    LOL! I love reading your blog Tina! So funny! But, I feel ya girlfriend! Customer Service is hard to deal with at times...as I well know. Hang in there and remember to b r e a t h ... (((HUGS)))

  5. Thanks Renee! Yes the breathing part really helps! So glad the blog makes you laugh! Breathing and laughing - two of the best coping mechanisms :)!

  6. judi Says:

    Tina - I've selected your blog for a Liebster blog award - if you choose to accept, visit me back at http://50andfabulousblog.blogspot.com for more information. - Happy New Year, Judi