A Fun Dreams Park Week!

Today's post is a little bit different than my usual curmudgeon complaint fest. Recently we had a wonderful Dreams Park team that stayed with us. Upon check-in several of them told me that they had read my blog. I always feel a little uncomfortable when the guest checks in stating that they have read some of my stories. 

With a hopeful look on my face I said, "Well I guess it didn't scare you away, since you are still checking in." They said they had their fingers crossed and that they would be really good that week. But as the week progressed it became the running joke. "Did that get us in the blog?" or "Uh, oh, come on, that's blog worthy."

We got to know this team very well and very much enjoyed having them as are guests. George even had somewhat of a bromance with one of the fathers. If we ever make it out to Texas, we are sure to look them up.

Thanks for a great week Southlake Dbats and for not making the blog! Oh, wait you just did :).

3 Responses
  1. tunk Says:

    that's a really nice one, Tina.

  2. Marc Zee Says:

    Too funny. I like that your blog is brutally honest, some may not; but I'm a fan. You might require all your guests to read a collection of your best posts so that they are on their best behavior. Like always, this was a great read. Funny picture, as well.

  3. Marc & Ty, Thanks for reading and liking my blog! Marc, I am glad you like the honesty. It is always a good way for me to vent, humorously. Thanks!