So this year's "bad" guests have been few and far between. Seems besides that one crazy guy everyone has been really nice. Early this morning after George put out breakfast he poured himself some coffee and sat down. He saw a couple of our guests walking around the property. He hadn't recognized them, but figured I was the one that checked them in. It was a beautiful morning and he thought he would tell them about a great farm road right around the corner if they wanted to continue their walk. So leaving his first cup of coffee to cool, he jumped up and went outside to greet them.

"Good Morning guys. How are you this morning?"
"Great, good morning."
"If you are looking for a place to walk, one block up, there is a beautiful farm road."
"Oh, great, that sounds nice."

They didn't seem as interested in walking as they did in engaging in conversation.
"So how long have you had this place? It's beautiful."

George went on to talk to this couple for about 15 minutes. The usual stuff... how long have we been here, what have we done to the place, what months are we open, what do we do off season, etc. Nice people. They seemed to like it here very much. 

When they were finished with their conversation. George said, "See you later" and walked away. This couple promptly walked back across the street to the neighboring motel where they were staying. While George stood there with his mouth open. 

Still mouth wide open, he walked upstairs to tell me about his WTF moment. Lol! Thank God he hadn't asked them if they were coming in for breakfast, I think they might have taken him up on it. 

3 Responses
  1. Jean Says:

    ha ha ha ha -- I was waiting to see if they came in for breakfast!!! If they're smart, they will stay with you next time!!

  2. I would have LOVED to see George's face if he found out they were staying across the street after he served them breakfast! Lol! Could you imagine!

  3. Marc Zee Says:

    haha, This is a great read. If they had come in for breakfast, you probably coud have been rest assured of new guests...or at the least, a very thankful couple with vast knowledge of your inn; 15 minutes worth anyhow.

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    have a great week