Hello! Hello!

There are long hours with being an innkeeper. The day starts at 6:30 am and sometimes it doesn't end until 11 pm. There are specific jobs to do throughout the day, but you are "on call" all day long for other things like directions, restaurant recommendations, etc. Now don't get me wrong, I have no problem with helping people for legitimate reasons. George and I both enjoy talking to all our guests, but the "Hello, hello" people, well, they are another story. These are the people who come in at the most inconvenient times (dinner, laundry or finally just sitting down for the night). These are the people that just want to let you know..... They have no questions and really no reason for coming in. They just want to let you know.... 

We are always upstairs when this happens and hear someone yelling for us to come downstairs...

"Hellooo. Hellooo."

We come downstairs and into the lobby.

"Hello, hello... Just getting some tea."
   Did you want to know if I wanted any?? Why are you telling me this?

"Hello, hello... Just picking a different movie. My wife already saw this one."  
   Oh, ok, did you want me to help you decide on a movie? I liked "I Love You Man."

"Hello, hello... Just wanted you to know that we decided to go to that other restaurant."
   Why? What was wrong with the first restaurant? Let's discuss this before you leave.

"Hello, hello... Just wanted you to know that we're gonna take that other road into town."
   In case you come up missing? Phew, now I can direct the police in your direction, thanks!

"Hello, hello... Just wanted you to know that we are leaving for dinner."
   Oh, are you asking me to come with you? No thanks, I was just sitting down... to eat my own dinner!

"Hello, hello... Just wanted you to know that the toilet paper in the lobby bathroom was running low."
   Not out! But low. I'll get right on that!

"Hello, hello... Just wanted you to know that my sons were going to play a game of chess in the lobby now."
   Ok, do they need me to watch?

"Hello, hello... I just left my key on the front desk."
    Oh thank you for telling me, now I can I safely put it in the drawer.

or alternately

"Hello, hello... I am going to leave my key in the room when I check out."
   Oh, I'm glad you told me. I would have worried that you were one of those "non-checking out guests" (like in my previous blog). 
With 12 rooms of people there are bound to be "Hello, hello" people here a few times a week. And yes, all of the above have been said to us at least once, and some of them many times throughout the years. But we always try our best to walk into the lobby with a smile on our face and say "Hello! Oh thank you for telling me."

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