A Vacation During the Summer - Unheard Of!

When we got the invitation for the Macaluso Family Reunion, at first I thought, George and Aidan would go and I would stay home and watch the inn. We've never left the inn for a long period of time in the seven years we've been open. George really wanted us all to go as a family and after talking to Emily, one of our employees, we decided that not only was she willing to take on the responsibility, she was more than capable. So what started as a one day away family reunion, ended up being a five day glorious all expenses paid Caribbean cruise! Well, not exactly, but that is how I looked at it! It was five days away from the inn. And that's all that mattered. But before we visited friends/family/and the Jersey Shore, we had to make sure everything was taken care of. First we called the local Bed & Biscuit Getaway for our dogs. (What a better name than kennel!) The owner said to George, "Oh, you're trying to get away DURING THE SEASON! That is never going to work!" Ok, that didn't make me feel better!

It was 9:30 pm on Friday and we were leaving Emily in charge Saturday morning. I was packing and writing 175 yellow sticky notes to be left around the inn. Then we got a phone call from one of our rental house guests. Now this particular rental house guest had already been stressed to the max. In all of the years that we have had rental houses, we have never, not once double booked. But this time, well, something went awry and I found out several weeks ago, that I had done it. Two separate renters/one house. Not good! 

Thank god we had our own house to fall back on because we were able to put one of the renters into our own house. Ok, good, they were happy. It wasn't a nightmare anymore. Until they arrived at the house to check in! On our property we have two houses. One is ours, a one family house and the other is our Pottery House, a two family rental house. Both have separate driveways. So here it was 9:30 pm and the couple who had originally been double booked show up at our house to check in. 

9:30 pm/Phonecall:
"Hi, Tina, we are at the house to check in. What house is it? There are two houses on the property."
"The one on the right."
"The lights are on in that one."
Did I leave the lights on when I was there earlier. I guess.
"That's ok, I must of just left them on."
"But the TV is on too."
Now I know I didn't leave that on. Oh crap!
"Can you hold on a minute?"
George, there is someone in our house. WTF! Why would there be someone in our house!!!

"Hi, I'm back again, are you sure you are at the right house? Maybe you're at our neighbors."
"There is a red wall in the living room. And the TV is on and stuff is in the living room."
Oh this is bad.
"Can you hold on a minute more?"
George what are we going to do??? You have to go over there!!! Who is in there??? 

George, always the calm in my tropical storm, says, maybe it's the other renters. Maybe they went to the wrong house. I called the renters up on their cell phone. Because of course, there was no one at our house, even though all the lights and two TV's were on! Why yes, they did move into our house, along with moving into the other house!!! After renting a 5-bedroom 2-family house, imagine their luck when they showed up at the house and found a "bonus" house on the property. The Pottery House renter said they thought, "well, now this is too good to be true. This is more space than we even need."

Even though I want so very much to be that calm, even keeled person - the crazy came out in me.
How can anyone think that they get a "bonus" house!!!
George went over there and took care of everything. But the people who had mistakenly moved in, REALLY MOVED IN. George had to reclean the entire house, while the poor double-booked couple waited in the driveway for 2 hours. 

George finally came home after midnight. Oh this was going to be a rough week. The following morning, Emily showed up at 6:30 to start taking care of things. While we packed and finished getting things ready for her, one of our guests came up to me and asked to book a room for next year. The weekend she wanted already had 11 rooms booked with the last room on hold. I told her I would let her know as soon as I found out if that room was being taken. Five minutes later her husband went up to George and asked to book that last room. George told him I had already told his wife that I would be in touch with her as soon as I found out about the room. About 20 minutes later, Emily came up to me and said that the wife had gone up to her and told her that I had said it was ok to book that last room but to talk to Emily about the booking. Are you kidding me? They were trying to sneak-book that last room! 

The following morning while we were gone, Emily called me to tell me that while she was making waffles for the guests, that particular woman came up to her to tell her that the Raisin Bran container was low. Emily looked up at it and saw that it still had 1/3 cereal in it and that it could wait. But I guess the woman was insulted that Emily did not immediately take action because she then went over to the cereal dispenser, put a bowl under it and turned the dial until all the cereal was emptied. Even though it overflowed out of the bowl and onto the table and floor. This is one of those times that I wish I was at the inn, but probably best that I wasn't. Emily's response: cleaned up the mess; George's response would have been: Excuse me, what is wrong? Can I help you with something; My response: What the F@$K! is wrong with you?? Why the hell would you do that???. Yeah, probably best I was getting my tan on at the time. Boy do I need this vacation! 

So aside from some minor repairs that our girls all took care of, everything actually went smoothly at the inn. Between phone calls and texting, we were kept abreast of all that was going on. And we felt confident that everyone was happy. And no more phone calls from any of the rental houses. It was a wonderful five days away. Maybe we can do this every month! 
7 Responses
  1. Valarie Says:

    Yes -- she's back (to blogging that is).

    I was wondering how things went with the vacation.

    Oh my goodness - 2 rentals for the price of 1. You and George are much too generous ;)

    It sounds like despite a few hurdles you were able to get refreshed!

    Gotta love those cereal dispenser emptying humans :) I'm amazed at that one!

  2. Valarie,
    Funny that when we talked, I just knew things wouldn't go as smoothly as I had hoped :). I also left out the run over to one of the rentals on Thursday night when the sink backed up and the phone calls from two of the neighbors because of rowdy renters about 2 hours after we left.

    And how funny is that?? Who would think they get two rentals for the price of one?? I am continuously baffled by people!

  3. Pam Francefort Says:

    hi Tina, Well the way my mind works it seems to me that maybe the woman wanted to get Emily to do the cereal so they could book the room on the computer with her gone. Im not trusting of people like that. See you this fall!

  4. Pam,I am embarrassed to even admit this, but before we left, George let them book that last room. Ugh! And even more embarrassed to admit that if you look up the August of 2010 story called - "George and Tina, We Aim to Please, and Please, and Please Some More!!", this is the same couple! They have one more chance - next year. Why is it that I am absolutely sure that there will be another sequel next August.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Tina,
    For once, I am almost speechless - I was going to suggest that I bring up a life time supply of Xanax, but now I'm thinking, maybe a good criminal defense lawyer. You surely would get off by pleading justifiable homicide. My poor girl - what you and George need are more guests like our SGW group. Well, hang in there girl - we'll be back before you know it. And I for one, can't wait.
    Counting the weeks,

  6. Marcia, Speechless you? Oh, that's right you said "almost speechless" :) Actually maybe you could be here next year when she comes back! Now that's something I would pay to see.
    Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

  7. Jean Says:

    Ha, ha, ha -- just catching up on all of this. UNBELIEVABLE, especially the part about Marcia being speechless!!
    Seriously, though, glad you guys were able to get some R and R.