A Trip to Cooperstown with "Mom"

Baseball isn't just for men, women like it too. A while back this was evident when three sisters and their mother checked in for a "Ladie's Weekend." These four women loved baseball. The sisters, aged 60-70, decided to take "Mom," aged 92, to the Hall of Fame. "She just loves baseball." Well that wasn't the only thing she loved as I was soon to find out.

That night, after the lobby closed, we got a knock on the door. I opened it and one of the sisters said, "Mom is sick and we are going to need you to come to the room and clean up a bit." Oh man, really?? Can't I just give you a roll of paper towels and call it a night! I thought. Then she said, "Probably are going to need a bucket and a mop. It's pretty messy." This wasn't going to be good!

I got my cleaning supplies and off I went. I knocked on the door and when the sister opened the door, there was "Mom," tucked in the bed with the covers up around her nose. An almost unrecognizable "Sorry" came out of her mouth. As I walked in I couldn't help but notice the extraordinary amount of liquor bottles lined up on the bureau. OMG, Mom's drunk! Really? Isn't she like really, really old. Couldn't the Hall of Fame trip have been enough? Did they really need to party with mom too??

"It's in there." They pointed to the bathroom. It? Oh this was going to be bad. As I opened the bathroom door and walked in, I wanted to die! It's as if a 90 year old Linda Blair had been in there. Someones head had to have been spinning for this mess to happen. I closed the door and before I did anything, I cried. Yes, cried. Maybe this was a dream. Maybe I would wake up from this nightmare. But no. This wasn't going away until I made it go away.

Many times our guests have said to us, "We too have always wanted to run an inn. It seems like fun."  It's times like this I think of  "Mom" and the darker side of innkeeping.
5 Responses
  1. Jean Says:

    OUTRAGEOUS X 1,000,000. I just hope it wasn't Limoncello that made her sick!!

  2. No, Jean, you're thinking about your weekend :)! Miss you!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Tina,
    It's times like this that a sprinkler system really makes sense. All you'd need do is hold a match under the sprinkler head and ....voila.....
    By the way, what was the room number?
    See you mid-summer,

  4. Hahaha!! You're right Marsha! BTW, that room was sterilized/sanitized/bleached! No worries!

  5. Valarie Says:

    You have removed the fantasy of owning a B&B from my list of "Would like to do". I think I'll stick with my honeybee stings over this :)
    I know a guy that runs a professional cleaning business (wink) and I'm sure he'd barter puke cleanup for a stay at the Meadowlark!