Hollywood Comes to Cooperstown

Not a whole lot of exciting stuff happens in these parts, but this weekend was the annual Baseball Film Festival at the Hall of Fame. Now normally this isn't something that I would rush out and get tickets to, but Billy Crystal was kicking it off with a reception and the viewing of his film 61*. This sounded fun, so we quickly got our tickets. First, there was a reception with food, drinks and Billy. Everyone stood in line for photos with him, but we were told - no autographs. Crap! Aidan brought a photo that he wanted signed. Oh well, I told him, just ask him if you could show him the photo and maybe he'll offer to sign it. He didn't. But he went one step further.

This particular photo is of George and Billy. Back in the day, when we were first married, George was pursuing an acting career. And he was damn good at it too! Just wasn't in the right place at the right time! Well, back to the photo. It is a still shot from the movie City Slickers. Billy is walking down a NYC street and you can see George in the background. (Maybe not one of George's more earth shattering performances, but still exciting, nonetheless!) Aidan shows it to Billy, he looks at it and then looks up at George and says "Wait a minute, let's reinact this photo." So he stops everything and positions George in the background and has us take a photo to simulate the first one. It was so funny but the other people in line must have thought we were all crazy. Very cool. But still no autograph on it. Oh well.

After the reception we all moved to the Grandstand, where they show movies, for a discussion of the film. Billy is so funny and so was the star, Thomas Jane, who played Mickey Mantle. Then after that, Billy, Thomas, the screenwriter and the producer came and sat in the audience with us and we all watched the movie together. Great movie. If you haven't seen it, rent it.

Then on Sunday keeping with the "Hollywood" Theme of the weekend, we went to the Woodstock Film Festival. After we had cleaned up breakfast and everyone had checked out, we closed the inn and set out for Woodstock. It is a very cool little town that's claim to fame is having lent it's name to the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. "Woodstock Ventures" originally wanted to hold the festival in Wallkill, NY (actually almost an hour away from Woodstock) and then settled on Bethel for the 3 day concert. But after 5 minutes of arriving in this quaint little town, you would swear that the concert had been held here. There are old hippies and "Woodstock" memorabilia everywhere you turn. Two such hippies were Grandfather & Mrs. Woodstock. Looking to be around 100 years old (with matching grey beards, wtf?) and doing no more than the occasional peace sign, these 2 fixtures drive along on their bike/home with their dog taking photos with people.

Well, back to the reason that we actually came to this town - film. We had tickets to the 4:45 movie, "Norman." So we decided to have some lunch, walk and browse around. Around 4:00 we asked a man who owned one of the stores where the Bearsville Theatre was. "A couple blocks up on the left." Ok, so off we went. We walked for about 1/2 hour and still no theater. WTF! A couple blocks up! We should have realized! This man owned a store with organic coffee and tea and incense and other enlightenment items. As George was paying for his coffee, this guy started complaining about the bullshit of organic products and recycling and other crap he seemed to deem as fact. George told him maybe he was in the wrong business and thanks for making us feel depressingly enlightened! So back to our walk. After about 1/2 hour and still no Theater in sight, I was beginning to think we would actually miss the movie! We got to town 3 hours early and now we can't even find the $%&#ing theater! This is so typical of us!

George starts to walk backwards and puts out his thumb pretending to hitch. I start complaining, telling him to put his hand down. All of a sudden a small bus stops, the door opens and the driver says, "Want a ride to the Theater?" WHAT??? REALLY??? I felt as if I was in a dream as I floated onto that bus. Did someone put some Woodstock Kool-Aid in our coffee?? It was a free shuttle straight from heaven that takes you back and forth from town to all the Theaters! We weren't going to have to walk back to the car later!!!! YAY! (This was pretty much all I could think about on the walk down there - the walk back!) After boarding the bus we drove for another mile or so. Yep! I've already emailed that depressing storeowner to tell him to STOP giving people directions and to en-lighten up a little! He lives in Woodstock for god's sake! The home of peace and love and harmony, with a touch of craziness added in just for fun!
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  1. Sharon Says:

    how neat! I think the second photo with Billy Crystal is even more fun than the first one!

  2. Thanks Sharon! And congratulations on your "Baggy Jeans!"

  3. Jean Says:

    Sounds like a great time Tina -- I love Billy Crystal. Your Woodstock experience is a riot -- I can just picture George with his thumb out. You should ask Marcia and Angela about their Woodstock experience from several years ago -- we did one of our SGW weekends there, before we discovered you guys, of course!!

    Love, Jean

  4. Jean, I will ask them when I see them in a couple of weeks. Although I don't know if Angela will be coming since she is probably busy with the new babies. Somehow I can picture Marsha having actually attended the concert in 1969. And if she didn't, I'm sure she has a crazy story about the reason why she didn't go:). Ahhh, Marsha!

  5. Suzette Says:

    So Billy Crystal is a nice guy after all. We love film festivals too. We just had one in San Diego. Pretty cool. I love and write about Hollywood and the entertainment industry, so the title of your post caught my eye over at SITS!

    Great post. I'll be sure to come back soon!!

  6. Mtlodge1 Says:

    OK, where did you get that photo of me and did you photo-shop George and Aidan into it so it looks like we are all together in Woodstock? What's up with that?
    Also, FYI, I think Angela will be joining us on our next weekend at the Meadowlark - at least she keeps telling me that she will - what would Charlie's Angels be without Ang? And you can ask her about trying to buy a peace sign t-shirt off the back of the man who was wearing it - Anna and I were just "innocent" bystanders. I promise.....
    See you soon with lots of stories,

  7. Well, you were definitely at the right place at the right time on that one! =)

  8. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, you look nothing like that woman in the photo (except for the chin hair ;). Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. So happy Angela is going to make it. Now try and talk Jean into coming for the girl's weekend.

    Suzette, Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog. A lot of fun! The San Diego Film Festival sounds like a blast. We are going to Sundance in Jan. and I can't wait. Really wanted to catch Waiting for the Riley's at Woodstock but we waited too long to get tickets :(.

    Maricris, Checked out your blog. Very nice, very interactive. Good luck!

  9. Am I missing something? I don't see any pictures but some of the comments reference them.

    I left you a message at Blog Patrol.


  10. Snookie, I don't know why, but for some reason your browser isn't showing the photos. I posted three of them. I am hoping everyone can see them.