Local Businesses Helping One Another - Well sort of!

Yesterday a local businessman came into the inn with some promotional flyers. "Would we be willing to put them in our lobby?" They said they were a cafe that served breakfast and lunch. My husband, George, said sure and asked if he would like some of our brochures as well. "Well no, we couldn't do that." Oh, ok, well, um, why not? Turns out this local business was an inn that serves breakfast to not only their own guests, but the general public. After closer examination of the flyers, George realized that this was a competing business not far from us. Are they kidding?? George was quick to point out to the guy that "didn't he think that this was a bit of a conflict of interest??" He had the nerve to say that "no he didn't. They charge $30-$60 more a night for their rooms, so they serve a different clientelle." Ugh! Is it just me, or is this just plain rude. Oh yeah, he also said that maybe some of our guests would like a "real good breakfast." Wait, wait, what did he just say???? Are you kidding me! Obviously he hasn't heard about George's famous waffles! From the sound of it, George gave him a good WTF talking to!! I am glad I wasn't there when he showed up. Looks like we won't be going out to dinner with our new found local business friends anytime soon.

Oh, and an update on our backyard baseball field - It's finished!!!!! And from the moment we finished it last night, there were kids playing on it. Kids and their fathers! Yesterday afternoon George was placing the bases and I was painting the backstop. George spent soooo much time putting the bases in the exact spot that they needed to be. Out there with measurements and his tape measure, I kept telling him no one was going to be going out there measuring that we had it right, but he had to have it perfect. While I was painting the backstop, one of the kids that had checked in yesterday came over to ask if he could help. I didn't know if he was bored while he was waiting for his other teammates to check-in or just wanted me to hurry up and finish so they could play on it. Well about 7 pm last night our first game was played. And they were out there again this morning before they left for the day! They called it awesome! And I think it's pretty awesome too. George did an amazing job. Now all we need are some bleachers and an electronic scoreboard. That would be sweet. But I think it's done, we're good. Until our next project. Oh and by the way, that other business, the one that thinks they are in a different league than us.... no backyard baseball field!

Oh and another thing.... my 14 year old son (who will someday be the next Martin Scorsese) posted his movie on YouTube. It is going to be in the Oneonta Film Festival. It's in 2 parts - Carnage of the Minds.

And one last thing... We had an absolutely wonderful photographer that stayed with us a couple of weeks ago as a guest. She was shooting a local wedding. She wrote about us and took some really cute pictures of Sammy (our pup) - North Photography. If anyone is looking for a fantastic photographer, contact Kathleen!

Happy Father's Day to all you dads!!!
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  1. Alice Says:

    I think Macia would agree that your new local business has "Chutzpah". Or as an old New Englander like myself would say "Brass Balls". They can put their breakfast in the compost pile.

  2. Debbie Says:

    Wow, who does that? I am sure with attitudes like that, they won't be there for long. Can't wait to see pics of the baseball field. Congrats and Good Luck to Aiden!! The film is fabulous!!

  3. I know! It's crazy right! AND to top it off they actually left their flyers with us, like we were going to put them out. Needless to say, they went out with the recycling!

  4. We still talk about George's FABULOUS waffles! Nearly two years later!

  5. Hi Barb, Hope all is well! I remember it took us all week to get Tony to try the waffles :). If you are ever in the area again, come back and stay with us! Take care.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Tina (and Alice) - Just let me at em! As the Honorary Chairperson (I just nominated myself) of the Seniors Gone Wild visiting team - this fella won't know what hit him. Chutzpa is an understatement. I think we ought to start by picketing his establishment and take it from there. Now, onto more important things...I will be bringing 2 bales of hay (my contribution to the bleachers) and of course, my sunny personality. I also wanted to comment on Aidan "Scorsese" Macaluso's movie debut - the only thing I can think of to say is what should I be wearing to the Acadamy Awards? Boy will we have things to talk about.
    See you soon,

  7. Marcia and Alice,
    Looking forward seeing my favorite "Seniors Gone Wild" next week!!!

  8. Jean Says:

    Ahem, what you mean "favorite" girl. Just because I'm not showing up this time, I lose my status -- WTF -- HA HA just kidding. I love you and will MISS MISS MISS you and everyone and the whole weekend -- boo hoo, boo hoo. As for Mr. I Have an Inn Down the Street -- well just let me at him -- the bloddy nerve of him. I can just taste and mell those wonderful waffles George makes as I sit here writing this. I still can't duplicate them here, even with my new machine, which sits in the basement now with my food processor. I'm off now to view Aidan's movie -- love that boy!!! Good luck with the ball field. What a great idea. I know Phil is sad he won't be able to be there this weekend to use the field -- he's still quite the ball player! Love, JC

  9. Jean Says:

    oops -- did I say mell!?!?*?!!

  10. OMG!!!! That's not what I meant Jean!!!! I meant in the realm of the whole world of Wild Seniors!!!! After reading it back it sure sounded bad. I LOVE you all equally! and wish you and Phil were going to be here this weekend! We miss you guys! Lots of Love, Tina

  11. JM Says:

    Send that guy to my place, I'd like to meet him.:) HCI

  12. I'll bet he stopped at your place on the way back to his. We'll have to check and see, maybe you have his flyers in your lobby!

  13. DAR Says:

    I will put "George's Waffles" on my Bucket List!!! Would love to see your place.... And I will bring my tape measure... 60'6". Miss ya!!!