Local Businesses Helping One Another - Well sort of!

Yesterday a local businessman came into the inn with some promotional flyers. "Would we be willing to put them in our lobby?" They said they were a cafe that served breakfast and lunch. My husband, George, said sure and asked if he would like some of our brochures as well. "Well no, we couldn't do that." Oh, ok, well, um, why not? Turns out this local business was an inn that serves breakfast to not only their own guests, but the general public. After closer examination of the flyers, George realized that this was a competing business not far from us. Are they kidding?? George was quick to point out to the guy that "didn't he think that this was a bit of a conflict of interest??" He had the nerve to say that "no he didn't. They charge $30-$60 more a night for their rooms, so they serve a different clientelle." Ugh! Is it just me, or is this just plain rude. Oh yeah, he also said that maybe some of our guests would like a "real good breakfast." Wait, wait, what did he just say???? Are you kidding me! Obviously he hasn't heard about George's famous waffles! From the sound of it, George gave him a good WTF talking to!! I am glad I wasn't there when he showed up. Looks like we won't be going out to dinner with our new found local business friends anytime soon.

Oh, and an update on our backyard baseball field - It's finished!!!!! And from the moment we finished it last night, there were kids playing on it. Kids and their fathers! Yesterday afternoon George was placing the bases and I was painting the backstop. George spent soooo much time putting the bases in the exact spot that they needed to be. Out there with measurements and his tape measure, I kept telling him no one was going to be going out there measuring that we had it right, but he had to have it perfect. While I was painting the backstop, one of the kids that had checked in yesterday came over to ask if he could help. I didn't know if he was bored while he was waiting for his other teammates to check-in or just wanted me to hurry up and finish so they could play on it. Well about 7 pm last night our first game was played. And they were out there again this morning before they left for the day! They called it awesome! And I think it's pretty awesome too. George did an amazing job. Now all we need are some bleachers and an electronic scoreboard. That would be sweet. But I think it's done, we're good. Until our next project. Oh and by the way, that other business, the one that thinks they are in a different league than us.... no backyard baseball field!

Oh and another thing.... my 14 year old son (who will someday be the next Martin Scorsese) posted his movie on YouTube. It is going to be in the Oneonta Film Festival. It's in 2 parts - Carnage of the Minds.

And one last thing... We had an absolutely wonderful photographer that stayed with us a couple of weeks ago as a guest. She was shooting a local wedding. She wrote about us and took some really cute pictures of Sammy (our pup) - North Photography. If anyone is looking for a fantastic photographer, contact Kathleen!

Happy Father's Day to all you dads!!!

Wake me up in September!

Some days you just can't shake the blahs. Today started off badly. When you wake at 1:30 in the morning and can't go back to sleep until the sun comes up - you just know it's gonna be a bad day. Waking with a total of 3 1/2 hours sleep this morning, I just kept telling myself - you'll take a nap later and catch up. Well, there really is no such thing as catching up on sleep when you are an innkeeper. I laid down around 3 this afternoon, to be woken up by my son 45 minutes later, who said I was needed by a guest in the lobby. Nooooooo...... Just a couple of hours really. That's all I needed. So off I go to see what I was needed for. Directions. To a place that was already closed for the day. Oh well. There is always something to do, someone to help.... I'll sleep in September.

Now I can't go back to sleep. I keep thinking... well I am going to have to wake soon to cook dinner anyway. And who feels like eating. I just ate that leftover donut that was staring me in the face (that I didn't need, wasn't hungry, and now I feel even worse than I did before). And to top it off, I sit down at the computer just now and see that there is a tornado warning in our area until late tonight. What is this? Kansas? And it's going to be almost 20 degrees cooler tomorrow with heavy rain and a thunderstorm. Maybe I can just go back to sleep and wake up in a few days. On Friday, when summer comes back.

It's amazing how the weather can sometimes affect our moods. Yesterday was a warm and sunny day. We went out on the boat with friends from NJ (who happened to bring Italian bread, garlic peppers and fresh mozzerella fresh from Hoboken, NJ). Top that with some beer and life was good for a few hours. We barbequed last night and hung out talking with our friends and our guests. A good night. When I woke at 1:30 last night it was to one of the worst thunderstorms I have ever seen. It was as if a switch was flipped. I got up to make sure all the windows were closed and that's when all hell broke loose with my internal clock. Well, I will try to go to bed early tonight... possibly... probably not. A couple Tylenol PMs/some earplugs. Yep. That's what I need. So I can wake up refreshed and chipper. Ready to meet the day... and guests. We just have to get through tonight... and that upcoming tornado. Maybe I dreamed that part. During that 45 minute nap. No, just checked again, it's still there. That warning. With big red letters. And with the way my day is going I can only hope I sleep right through it.