You Can't Please Everyone!

Ok, so I'm doing it again. I'm taking it personally! But it's so hard not to. We had a couple of women here last week, I will call them Elphaba and Nessarose. Elphaba was bringing her sister, Nessarose, up for a one night trip for her birthday. Elphaba called me and wanted a bouquet of flowers put in her room for Nessarose's birthday. I made sure everything was perfect for them. The flowers were delivered and I made them a reservation for a wonderful restaurant about 5 miles away. They arrived and seemed to like to our place. They came in and sat down in the lobby, relaxing. We were having wine with some friends and offered Elphaba and Nessarose some. Elphaba replied, "Whadya got??" Okay....should have been my first clue! Well, she didn't like red, so we opened up a bottle of white for her. Being probably too accommodating, but wanting things to be nice for them. After hanging out with them for almost an hour, they decided to take a couple of DVD's back to their room and head out for dinner. A little while later they returned. They couldn't find the restaurant. It was just one block up, make that right, but they couldn't find it and didn't want to try again. They said that they had cheese and crackers and that was enough and they were just going to watch their movies. I said, "No, you need more than that. We are having Brooks barbeque chicken and we have more than enough. Let me make you a couple of plates." No, they said their cheese and crackers and snacks were enough. And they went back to their room. The next morning they came in and it seemed as if everything was ok. They had waffles for breakfast. They sat and talked to us and the other guests for a while. And then they checked out.

Then they posted their review on TripAdvisor! Ok, they gave us a positive review saying it was "clean, spacious, cozy, beautiful and that we were nice and that they enjoyed talking to us". BUT, she entitled the review "Different" and gave us 3 out of 5 stars because she was "disappointed because she thought she was staying at a B&B and this was more like staying at a motel". Ugh! We couldn't have made these women feel any more welcomed! We actually invited them for dinner and opened up a bottle of wine for them. Not something a B&B usually does (and certainly not a motel!). The average price of a B&B is $65 - $100 more than what these women paid here. They saw our website and all our photos and anyone can tell that we aren't an old house B&B. We don't claim to be a B&B but it is our fault that this woman thought we were a B&B and punished us by giving us 3 out of 5 stars and called us "Different".

The ironic thing about all this is that another guest posted a review that very same day (but just BEFORE this woman did) and entitled it "All the Comforts of a B&B, But Less Costly!" Ha! How funny! This just goes to prove how different everyone is AND you can't please everyone. That will be my motto for next season! "You can't please everyone, you can't please everyone!" And when that unpleaseable person checks in to the inn, I also need to remember, "Don't take it personally!"
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow!! All you have to do is send they're name and address and I'll take care of it. At least send they're name so I have them stay with me. Wolverine.:)

  2. Jean Says:

    Ha, the bloody nerve of them. Don't get me started if you ever really want to see a "senior go wild." I say good riddance. They're just lucky they weren't there on OUR weekend!!

  3. Jean, Actually they were, but you had already left. The "friends" that we were having wine with were Angela, Alice and David. And the funny thing was that while they were there they had a great time, they seemed to love the place, but then they gave us an "average motel" rating because of HER mistake at not realizing we weren't an old house B&B when she booked. Ugh!

  4. Jean Says:

    Ugh is right!! Your place is better than any musty old B&B -- everything works and it's still as charming as any B&B.

  5. OMG! Okay. Where do I begin? You know I absolutely love your place and so do the people that have stayed there with me. Lol...that sounds like I bring randoms with me there and often. It's not that type of inn!!! Anyway, it's SO much better than a B&B because you have that privacy of a hotel, but it has SO much personality than a hotel. Oh, and it is definitely NOT a motel!

    Your inn is charming and unique. I look forward to visiting in the spring! Thanks for always making us all feel welcome and as if we're at home but without the cleaning and cooking. It's a nice escape from the mundane...

  6. Jamie,
    Thanks so much for the kind words!! You are too funny - bringing randoms, HA! Looking forward to seeing you and "whoever" you bring next time :)!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Tina, I am the one who posted the positive comment right before the "average" comment. I've learned from experience that there are some people who just aren't ever going to be happy with ANYTHING and that, unfortunately is how they live their lives. I'm pretty sure I saw the people who you are speaking of (since that is the same time I was staying) and I must say...they fit the profile. Sad, but true. It's hard not to take personally, but you have to let it roll like water off a ducks back. Obviously from all of positive feedback you've gotten from your blog about it....they are the minority! Keep smiling.

  8. First, I can't thank you enough for all the kind words you said about our inn. What an amazing review! It was wonderful meeting you and your husband and we hope that when you visit your daughter again you will stay with us.

  9. Colleen NZ Says:

    Oh I know exactly how you feel and, no, you can't please everyone.

    A guest posted a mean post on Trip Advisor after staying with us in NZ and it was extremely personal.

    It is the one and only negative comment I have had after 12 years, but it's the one I think of when someone mentions Trip Advisor.

    Keep up your great hospitality.

  10. Jean Says:

    Hey Tina -- I'm missin' your bloggin'. Oil up those fingertips and let's hear all about everything!! Love, Jean