Seniors Gone Wild - Always Young at Heart!

For the past several years, we have had a group of friends meet at our inn for a reunion once, sometimes twice a year. This past weekend, this group, which we have lovingly dubbed "Seniors Gone Wild", arrived. These wonderful people were strangers to us four years ago. We now consider them family. Many years ago they went to camp together and sometime in the 90's they reconnected and started to come together for a reunion a few times a year. Luckily for us, Marcia, found our inn on the internet in 2006. Since then they have been coming back each year to brighten up our days. Heading up the group are my husbands three "cougars" - Angela, Marcia and Anna. Last fall, Angela invited us to her daughter, Julia's wedding, and truly made us feel as if we were part of her family. Then there's Jean and Phil. One of the sweetest couples ever! We always joke that Jean has to watch her back, because George and Phil have a serious case of "man love" going on! Ha! Next are David and Alice, "The Vikings"! A fun couple who introduced us to Lemoncello. Yum! David does a mean Joe Cocker Impression (YouTube Link). Rounding out the group this weekend were Greg and Carol, a quiet and sweet couple, who seem to sit back and really enjoy the crazy antics of this group. There are several other couples that couldn't make it this weekend and hopefully we will get to see them next year.

The weekend was a mixture of laughs - from times long ago and the present. As I have always said, "There is nothing like an old friend to make you feel young again." This group is the embodiment of that statement. Several weeks ago we decided to make a banner to welcome back the group. "The Meadowlark Inn welcomes back Seniors Gone Wild." The addition of the clip art of the geriatric patient learning to walk again seemed funny at the time..... :{

After a fun filled weekend of eating, drinking, laughing, shopping, and of course, karaoke, these friends, who love each other enough to make sure they always stay together, had to say goodbye. They'll stay in contact regularly through phone calls, emails, and visits. And George and I, being unofficial members of this group, will also stay in touch - already talking of plans to visit them in the coming months.

So thanks to Marcia and her keen sense of searching out the best inn in the Cooperstown area, (ok, so we are a little biased ;), we have the great pleasure of knowing these wonderful people. After the last of this group, Angela, left this morning, I felt sad. It was too quiet. But I know that it will not be a year until I see them again. And I realize yet again another reason why I absolutely love this business!
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  1. Jean Says:

    Dear Tina (and George)
    Yes indeed - a VERY special weekend. Phil and I hated to have to go back on Sunday. Aside from it being the most fun, we really lucked out with the weather. Everyone back here was complaining about the lousy weather this weekend and I've been showing pictures of our sunny weekend in Cooperstown!!! I know I can speak for the whole SGW group when I say we are truly blessed to have our wonderful friendships and to have found you and George and the very special Meadowlark Inn. Thank you both again for making this weekend so wonderful. We love you!! Your #1 blog fan, Jean

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Tina and George,
    As much as I love Jean, I have to challenge her to the title of being your #1 blog fan - I want to be your #1 blog fan. Maybe I'll let her share the title with me. I can only echo Jean's comments - this was indeed a "very special weekend" but each time we come for a visit we feel that way - so thank you for bringing your specialness to our group - even though you have many, many more years before you hit the "senior" milestone, we have decided to make you honorary members of our SGW club - Thank you for being you.

  3. Jean & Marcia,
    I miss you guys already! It was a very fun weekend and thanks for making us honorary "Senior" members :)! Although sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I really don't think I need the "honorary" part. And with AARP knocking at my door for the past couple of years, I'm not that far behind. They really want to real in those members early! We will be in touch next month and hopefully we can get together around Thanksgiving.
    Love to my two #1 Blog Fans :)!

  4. Jean Says:

    That sounds great. Now Marcia and I have two things to "fight" about, i.e., who is the real #1 Blog Fan and where we can capture you sometime Thanksgiving weekend -- our neighborhood or hers!!! Not to worry -- we'll work it out. Love, Jean

  5. Angela Says:

    Hey Gals,

    I wont be in NJ Thanksgiving weekend as I have to cook for my family in Long Island. Keep me in the loop though because maybe I can come back early and visit also.

    love to all