Sunday's a day for resting?

So here it is 5 pm on Sunday, and I'm washing linens/paying bills. Always something to do. George is outside on the tractor doing manly man tractor stuff. We had some new guests check in today. They lived in the town next to my sister down the Jersey Shore. (I miss the Jersey Shore!) They said "no, we don't know anyone with the last name Kalucki down there, but we do know a family in North Jersey". Yup same family. My sister moved from North to South Jersey. Small world!

Last night people checked in our "suite." It's a separate building in the back, a beautiful room. A mere 80' behind the house. Mind you, not in the next town, just in the back a bit. A city woman looked horrified to find out her room was wayyyyyyy back there in the dark (lots of lights on) and she would have to walk on a stone path to get there (horrors!). Ten minutes later I am asked by her friends if there was any possibility she could move up to one of the "regular" rooms up front. She is scared she may get attacked by possibly a snake (never seen one here), strange animals (????), a bear (are you kidding?) or bugs (what?). I say very politely, "no I am sorry, we are booked and we can't move her anywhere." I am asked, "Is your mommy or daddy around?" WTF! Now at 48, I know I may look a couple years younger, but WTF! How funny! Well, needless to say, I was delighted to see that she survived the night when she came in for breakfast.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I keep forgetting to tell you. The day you asked me if I had any bad guests this year and I said "no, it's been great." The next day the smoke alarms went off in three rooms. Two of the guests got over it and of course one didn't. The alarm kept going off from 3:00am-5:00am. I said why didn't you call me? He said "they're no phones in the room. I said "you have a cell phone, right?" He said "yes,but am I supposed to use my cell phone to call you and use my minutes?" What do you say to that? He was one of those sniveling little Opera types. He said If I charge him for the second night, he would slam me all over the internet. :) Hayden Creek