Patience! Patience!

Today is George and my 20th Anniversary. How can that be, when did all this time pass? I think we may actually get away from the inn tonight for a nice dinner out. Maybe. With only one check-in it's a little easier to get away. Everyone else is here for the week. It's nice having people here for several days at a time. We get to know them a little better. Everyone keeps coming in this morning wishing me a Happy Anniversary. It's nice.

Yesterday our most demanding guest in 5 years checked-out. She was only here for 17 hours but in those 17 hours she had over 20 requests. And of those 17 hours, she was asleep for 9 of them. Requests ranged from the normal ones that everyone asks: dinner reservations, directions, ice, wake up call, etc.; to ones that were a little odder: can you show me where the air conditioner is (it's right there), can you show me where the refrigerator is (it's right there), the 0 on my phone doesn't work (yes it does), can I use another room's phone? After using a vacant's room's phone for 20 minutes, the room actually had to be cleaned. She used the table and two chairs, the bed was laid on, the bathroom was used and the shower was turned on (WTF!).

Our guests are really loving our Poison Dart Frogs in the terrarium in our lobby (not poisonous when raised in captivity, don't worry future guests). Someone actually wrote a review on Tripadvisor and mentioned them. Every kid that comes through loves to look for them every time they are in the lobby. And it is funny to see the reactions of the parents when they realize those bright blue, orange and green frogs are real and not plastic. The question is always the same, "Where do you get frogs like that?" It is amazing the things you can buy on the internet :)!
6 Responses
  1. Jean Says:

    Happy Anniversary you two!!! In what state did they allow children to get married in 20 years ago? Have a wonderful, romantic evening. You both deserve it!!

    Love, Jean

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! I didn't realize it's been 20 years already. I hope you were able to have some sort of romantic celebration. Did you get a nice gift?
    Love always,
    Your sister and bridesmaid

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Whats her name, so I know never to have her at my place.:)

  4. Kat Cavicchia Says:

    Oh boy, I was the flower girl! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Birthday George!!!!!!!!!!! Joe and Glynis

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Wow 20 years, seems like only yesterday. Happy Birthday George, are you 33 now?
    Love Michael & Janice